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28 May, 2018 | By Nenad Rakocevic

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13 March, 2018 | Paris, France

We set up the Red Foundation structure at the beginning of January in Paris, France. The Red Foundation is kindly hosted by the EPHE, at the Human and Artificial Cognition research unit led by François Jouen (author of the famous RedCV framework, among other image-processing related projects for Red). The role of the Foundation, as explained in the announcement article and in the RED whitepaper, is to manage the whole Red open source project, and set up a new economic model for open source projects using the RED token.

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11 March, 2018 | San Francisco, CA

For those eager to get some fresh news from Red, here are some great news items that we are sure you will appreciate a lot. As there are many different topics to talk about, we are splitting the news over several articles that we will publish over several days. This is the first part. Together with Gregg Irwin, the Red community leader, who joined us from Idaho, we had a memorable time in SF, and the trip was successful beyond our wildest expectations!

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