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Ethereum DevCon IV

15 October, 2018 | Prague, Czech Republic
#Ethereum DevCon4 Red/C3

Prague, here we come!

Team Red has been hard at work on a number of initiatives, one of which is central to the blockchain aspect of Red, the C3 Cross Chain Code project. C3 is our new language, designed for writing distributed code that runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (the EVM for short). Languages like this are commonly called Smart Contract Languages (SCLs), taking the term from Nick Szabo’s early work, in the 1990s. It’s not a great name, because the code is not directly about expressing legal contracts, which leads to misunderstanding and misaligned expectations. They are really Distributed Executable Code, with access to persistent storage, very much like stored procedures in the RDBMS world, though that name isn’t a perfect match either. Naming is hard, and not something we’ll go into further here.

What’s important is that we’ll be at DevCon4, with 3’000 other attendees, largely focused on the technology behind Ethereum and how to make things better. We’re not the only ones trying to improve on tooling, but we are excited about our value proposition and how we stack up against other players we know about. We’ll also get direct feedback from core Ethereum developers and talk about what needs to happen for Ethereum to gain adoption on a wider scale, what businesses need, and how we can be part of that.

The conference runs from 30-Oct thru 02-Nov, and tickets were hard to get. Each wave sold out in less than a minute when they went on sale. We’ll also hold our own mini RedCon conference on 03-Nov, in Prague, and will announce more details about that soon. If you want to learn more about Red, it will be a great time to meet some of the team, ask questions, and get the inside scoop on what’s coming next.

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