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13 March, 2018 | Paris, France

We set up the Red Foundation structure at the beginning of January in Paris, France. The Red Foundation is kindly hosted by the EPHE, at the Human and Artificial Cognition research unit led by François Jouen (author of the famous RedCV framework, among other image-processing related projects for Red). The role of the Foundation, as explained in the announcement article and in the RED whitepaper, is to manage the whole Red open source project, and set up a new economic model for open source projects using the RED token.

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12 March, 2018 | Reno, NV

Another goal of our recent trip in California was to visit Carl Sassenrath, creator of Rebol, and spiritual grandfather of Red, as Red is the offspring of the Rebol language. We had a great time, discussing Red and Rebol syntax & semantics, the blockchain industry, smart contracts and the opportunities it presents for our technologies. Carl was particularly interested in understanding more deeply how smart contracts work and how they are currently implemented using the Solidity language.

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