Red is the world’s most powerful programming language, and now it is becoming more accessible.

To Fight Software Complexity By Empowering Innovations With The World’s Most Powerful Programming Language

The overall aims and objectives of the Red Foundation are:

  • Promoting the development and use of the Red programming language and toolchain
  • Organizing the Red community of users and contributors
  • Coordinating and organizing events related to Red language, globally

With the creation of the RED token, and new commercial and open source Red projects being planned, it was decided that a new governing body should be created to formalize aspects of governance and organization that weren’t needed before. Drawing clear lines, setting boundaries, and laying down rules will help eliminate confusion and conflict between commercial and open source projects, rights, and assets. Adding blockchains into the mix only increases the need for clarity.

The Red programming language open source project’s assets have been moved to a non-profit foundation, the Red Foundation, which will define the rules of RED token usage, among other things. We are closely following how the OAX foundation, Aragon and other DAOs operate and will seek partnerships to help build an optimal organization. Voting rules and intra-community modes of operations for RED tokens will be defined and codified by the foundation.

Red Technology Stack

Red is the world’s first full-stack language, from meal to meta. With it, you can write everything from device drivers and operating systems, all the way through cross-platform GUIs and metaprogramming systems. Its unique approach to software development eliminates multitudes of problems, making it easier to build secure, reliable software that runs efficiently.

Meet Our Officers

Nenad Rakocevic
Nenad is a serial entrepreneur and passionate programmer since 30+ years, giving him a broad and deep understanding of software technologies and industry. CTO for several startups in banking industry in late 90’s and early 00’s. Business experience ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Author of several open source infrastructure software since 2000. Founded Red programming language in 2011 to fight back against the growing complexity in software world. Joined the leading Chinese startup incubator InnovationWorks in 2014 as EIR.
François Jouen
François Jouen is director of CHArt (Human and Artificial Cognition Lab) in Paris and Director of Studies at EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Université Paris Sciences et Lettres). For more than 20 years, he worked at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and studied the epigenetic approaches of the human development. Recent topics of research concern the development of motor imagery and brain computing in human children and the development of infrared technology for measuring pain in preterm infants and neonates. François began to program at University, and at MIT, in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics for the implementation of space-orbit biological experiments. He is now mainly involved in image processing and in the development of low-cost eye-tracking system and contactless monitoring systems for biological signals.
Azouz Guizani
Azouz is an experienced engineer, having worked in fin-tech companies for over 20 years, managing international technical teams, from front office trading systems to low latency market data feeds.

Meet Our Board Members

Peter Wood

Peter has enjoyed a complete career cycle. He started programmming and then through system design, project management, software development management, account managment, training management, senior management, management consulting returned back to programming. He worked for Unilever, Electronic Data Systems and as an independent consultant. He has led organizations with more than 1,000 employees and managed professional teams of more than 200 software engineers. He is equally at home working on his own with just a laptop for support.

Peter is experienced in non-profit organization governance having served on the board of a UK college of further education, acted as a trustee of a UK pension fund with assets of more than £30 million and served on the governance committee of a non-profit international school.

Gregg Irwin
Gregg has made software professionally since 1991, and was previously SVP of Technology for Marston Financial Systems and CTO of LegalGrab.com. Five of the top ten banks in the U.S. have used software he developed, and he has been involved in every phase of the software process, in diverse environments, taking many systems from proof-of-concept to end-of-life. He holds a U.S. Patent (#7,546,372), was one of the first Visual Basic MVPs in the world, and is a conference presenter, author, and technical editor. He was also a member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society for almost 20 years.

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